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JC Body Waist Trainer


Latex Sport Waist Trainers are specially developed to support your fitness goals. 


With the light weight design this attractive and comfortable waist trainer can be worn under clothing, on flights and it’s perfect for the busy on the go person. While wearing the belt and During your workouts the Waist Trainer will help you to sweat around your midsection assisting fat burning & waist shaping as well as slimming of your stomach, through the heat development. This belt will also provide light support for your back, which offers as a result a better posture in general. 

This waist trainer is made of 100% latex, it remains very supportive but is more flexible than the classic latex waist trainer. The JC Body waist trainer is made for work-outs and with perfect freedom of movement!  As a bonus, this model has the waist shaper belt that you can adjust with the velcro attached strap as tight or loose as you prefer. 



Take a look at the size chart below to find out which size to order:






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